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Web Services

web services

In addition to servicing computers, The PC Fixers has partnered up with Studio 5 USA to offer a variety of custom web services. 

Website Development

Our website design packages come in all forms and specialties.  We can create a website the closely follows your branding, stays well within your budget, and performs properly across multiple platforms. Most importantly, we will make sure your website attracts and satisfies its target audience.  But it doesn't stop there, the website we build for you will be connected to your social media, optimized for search engines, and incorporate all the forms of media that you need to make it a success.  

We decided to offer our clients the full package: web development, SEO and SMM. We have a history of successful international web development experience spanning over 25 years. With the support of local and UK based technicians, the team designs quality websites, custom content management systems, and cloud-based software with the benefit of a marketing and design background.

Although we pride ourselves on a well-known and established client base, you are important to us; from the largest business to the smallest start-up company, we will make sure to meet your specific needs. To guarantee the full success and presence of your website, we also work with local and international PR and advertisement agencies, as well as business and designs consultants.

All websites we develop for you will be responsive - we ensure that your website will adapt to the device the customer is using. Whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the website will resize automatically. We understand the need to adapt to the fast paced environment as more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. We ensure that your website will be fully accessible and functional on any device at no extra cost.

Aside from the bespoke website design, online marketing, and software development, the detailed services include: