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PC & MAC Fixers provide all types of onsite and remote services in Sedona, Arizona. We specialize in finding efficient and stable solutions for you and your business. We have worked with many organizations, law offices, real estate companies, schools, and multiple types of small businesses. 

Services include:

  • Tune-up
  • Virus removal 
  • Desktop setup
  • Laptop setup
  • Network setup
  • Wifi setup
  • Cloud deployment 
  • System restore 
  • Hardware installation 
  • Data backup 
  • Data migration
  • Data recovery
  • Software errors
  • Software setup
  • Printer setup
  • Tablet setup
  • Cell phone setup 
  • Device synchronization
  • Screen Repair
  • Factory reset
  • Starlink installation

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Service plans

PC & MAC Fixers do more than just in-shop and on-site repairs for Sedona. We offer exceptional remote IT support. Now you can have computer support without having to leave your home or wait for the service to come to you. Our remote services have the added benefit of being available to our customers anywhere they have access to an Internet connection. On the road for business and your laptop gets a virus right before a big presentation? Traveling with the family and the tablet you have your pictures stored on starts acting up? Now you can call us to have the problem solved right away when you need it most.

What would you pay each month for unlimited remote IT support for your home or business computers, and for the comfort of knowing that at any time you can call PC & MAC Fixers and have an immediate solution?

Support Plan $365 Annual

  • Unlimited remote support
  • Virus and malware removals
  • Tune-ups and optimizations
  • Software error repairs
  • 100% off all in-shop repair services

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Tune-ups, virus removals, and setups include free security and maintenance software.

Don't see a service you need?  Give us a call, we probably do it.


Custom Built Computers

At The PC Fixers, we love to build custom machines. A custom-built computer gives you the flexibility for future upgrades, making it a computer you can truly rely on. Whether for work or gaming, we can build you the best machine possible on a budget you can afford. We also install the software you need while excluding the junk and bloatware a retail computer comes with.

Gaming Computers

  • High-end video card
  • CPU with overclocking options
  • SSD for better performance

Run-Quiet Computers

  • Quiet fans
  • Airflow optimization
  • Stealth components

Production and Design

  • Bigger or multiple hard drives
  • Automatic hard drive backup or RAID
  • 10-Bit or specialized video cards

Custom Computer Build

Service starting at $299

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We implement the most affordable and practical solutions for you or your small business.

We do not have product partnerships or add a markup to products.

We guarantee the best products and prices based on our research, not paid partnerships.

If we can't fix it we don't charge!