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Software set up

Setting up your Apple/Mac or Windows computer Software can be confusing and time consuming. At The PC Fixers we are here to help!

We provide and setup Data Backup plans, Security Software, Cloud Services, Device Synchronization, and Firewalls.  

We will create new User Accounts and Guest Accounts for you. These separate accounts can be used for parental control, limited access to protect your computer from accidental tampering, and to customize each user's settings.  

Tired of paying for antivirus programs that slow down your computer yet don’t seem to get the job done? We install FREE Antivirus oftware that works so you have the protection you need while saving money.  

We make Application installation a quick and painless process.  Our service includes Software Testing so you can be assured that all of the programs and functions of your computer will work.

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Software Setup: $180 (includes a FREE antivirus and maintenance software)