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The foundation of The PC Fixers is a belief in value added service.  Simply put this means that we let you know what the problem is before you commit to any purchase. Our Free Diagnostic feature is the proof of this belief. Other companies will charge you just to find out what your problem is before they even get started.  Why are we providing a service for free that other companies successful charge for?  It is simple, customers should not have to pay to be told what the problem is but pay for the solution to that problem.

People come to us when they have an issue because they know they will be offered solutions at a competitive price. There is no pressure to use our services after the diagnosis. Let us be your Apple/Mac and Windows consultants. You'll soon find out that we are the number to called when you want the problem solved.

We invite you to try our complimentary Device Purchasing.  Buying a new computer can be a complicated process. There is pressure from many retailers for their after market optimizations, software, and service packages. If you aren't sure what machine you need to best suit your needs, or if you are just not sure that you have found the best price, let us help you. We often have refurbished and second-hand computers from our other custsomers that we can offer at competitive prices. If you are looking for a new computer we will offer serveral options based on budget and your requirements. You then have the choice of using our service to get the new computer setup to run it's best. If not we take pride in helping people purchase a machine they will love at no additional charge from The PC Fixers

For a Consultation call 877-717-6222

Our customer and business service packages include Technical Consulting as a significant part of their features. For your Tech Support Questions we are on call, in-store, and on-site when you need us there.  For our clients that are looking to increase their computer capabilities we offer Technology Education and Tutoring.