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Technology changes fast, so it is very important to have a computer service company who understands this and keeps up with the changes and is knowledgeable on current computer programs, hardware, viruses and even manufacturers. We understand that having a good computer infrastructure is key to a successful business as well as a proficient home system and having this infrastructure in place is crucial, but so is computer training. The best computer systems in the world are useless unless you and/or your staff have been trained to use them. Our team can provide you with the training you need to utilize your computer system devices and software to their fullest potential. We have a qualified and friendly staff that will come to you for your PC training which may include basic computer training, skills assessment, connecting devices or learning your installed operating system and software programs such as all Microsoft and Macintosh products. We can even teach you about web browsing basics, navigating the internet, keyboard shortcuts, email, digital photos music and anything else that you need to learn. We offer individual or group training and teach anything from computer basics for beginners to refresher courses for the advanced user.