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Would you like to sell your old computers or devices, and put that money toward the purchase of something new? Technology is always advancing. Many of our customers like to stay on the cutting edge with new software and hardware that has all the latest features and the best performance, but their old computers still have value. At the PC & MAC Fixers we not only help you get the best price on your new purchases, but we help sell your old machines as well. Don't let your smartphones, tablets, laptops, Windows or Apple/Mac computers, or other electronics sit in storage collecting dust. 

Before we put your item up for re-sale we will perform and guarantee the following services:

  • Save your data

    • All data will be securely saved on an external drive or on cloud storage

  • Reset the device

    • All data on the device, especially your sensitive data, will be deleted.

  • Upgrade the device

    • Your device will be upgraded and pre-installed with the latest software including email, antivirus, Microsoft Office, security, and more. 

After the device is fully updated and ready for use, we will sell it for you on a commission of 25% or $180 whichever is more. of the final sale price. If it can't be fixed we recycle.

- Don’t let your unused devices gather dust. Come see us at our Sedona location!