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Service plans

Service plans

The PC Fixers does more than just in-shop and on-site repairs for Sedona. We offer exceptional remote IT support. Now you can have computer support without having to leave your home or wait for service to come to you. Our remote services have the added benefit of being available to our customers anywhere they have access to an Internet connection. On the road for business and your laptop gets a virus right before a big presentation? Traveling with the family and the tablet you have your pictures stored on starts acting up? Now you can call us to have the problem solved right away, when you need it most.

What would you pay each month for unlimited remote IT support for your home computers, and for the comfort of knowing that at any time you can call The PC Fixers and have an immediate solution?

Support Plan $280 Annual

  • Unlimited remote support
  • Virus and malware removals
  • Tune-ups and optimizations
  • Software error repairs
  • 100% off all in-house services

To sign up or to have your questions answered call 877-772-6541

No markup on parts.

Commercial services and business packages available.

Plans cover any personal computer related issue we can fix remotely along with in-shop repairs.

Plans are for a single Windows or Apple/Macintosh computer.

Plans can be transferred when switching to a new computer.

Service plans are subject to a one year contract and terms of service. 

After one year of fulfilled terms of service you may cancel at any time.