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Social media marketing can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. After all, it is public relations, customer service, advertising, sales and marketing all rolled into one.

The PC Fixers can make social media marketing easy by managing your social profiles and online presence.

Get the maximum value out of social media marketing today by letting us do the hard work for you. Many of our client see a 50-100% increase in business after the first month. 

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* Facebook 
* Twitter 
* LinkedIn 
* Youtube 
* Any social media Platform. 


$6 billion question

Social Media is one of the most dominant and powerful business tools in the modern world, yet so many businesses allow this vital resource to go untapped.

With over 6 billion using the internet the potential to market and grow your business is immense and growing everyday.

At The PC Fixers we specialize in helping businesses just like yours utilize the amazing tools to get a decisive edge on their competition.

And we do it at a price that cannot be beat anywhere.

And what's better, we don't charge a setup fee for our services. The initial weekly/monthly payment will cover: consultation, setup, and the first week of management.


*Benefit from a complete setup of your Social Media. We design it to be both professionally appealing and unique to your business at the same time.
  * Generate increased interest in your business by having attractive and engaging content posted to your social media platforms on a regular basis. 
* Benefit from our experienced professionals carrying on engaging and insightful conversations with your customers on your behalf. 
* Receive regular updates on your account's activity including info on possible sales leads, customer feedback, and more. 
* Never have to worry about monitoring your social media platforms for offensive content or spam again. 
* Rest easy knowing that your social media is managed 7days a week. 
* Profit by vastly increasing your audience, online presence AND spend less time online and more time running your business