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Device Set up

At PC & MAC Fixers we customize your Apple/Mac or Windows Computer Setup to your specific needs so you can have a machine you will love to use. Your computer will have the same optimal and secure performance as our own computers. If you are retiring an old computer or simply adding a new computer to your inventory, we can perform a Data Transfer/Migration so all of your information and files are there for you.    

Unlike other companies, we truly Remove Bloatware, not just deactivate it. We delete unwanted programs from your computer so it performs the way it was meant to. We make sure to provide you with a Security & Anti-Virus Setup with your software of choice or our own free Security Software. This includes a variety of programs designed for Anti-virus and to protect your computer from malware. You’re given the Data Backup source of your choice to preserve your files in the event of theft, damage, or unforeseen circumstances. The User Accounts and Guest Accounts on your system are customized based on your needs. This safeguards the computer from user accidents with children, family members, or anyone else that has access.  

For the final touch, we give it the PC & MAC Fixers Application Installation Package so you will have all of the common software you need for normal activities. Whether it is at home or work, we can assist in your Network and Firewall Setup.   

It doesn’t stop there. Let the PC & MAC Fixers help with all of your various device setups. We specialize in technology and want to help save you time, trouble, and money. Our services include Laptop Setup, Tablet Setup, Printer Setup, Cellphone Setup, VoIP Phone Setup, Webcam Setup, Scanner Setup, Smart TV Setup, Blue-ray Player Setup, Gaming Systems Setup, Apple TV Setup, Roku Setup.  

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